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The Validate Scope process is the process of formalizing acceptance of completed project deliverables.

  • Brings objectivity to acceptance process.
  • Increases chances of acceptance by validating each deliverable.

Validate Scope differs from Control Quality.
Control Quality is focused on the correctness of deliverables.

  • Meeting quality requirements.
  • Normally done before validating scope.

Verified deliverables from Control Quality are reviewed with customer or sponsor.

  • To ensure they have been completed satisfactorily.
  • Have received formal acceptance by customer or sponsor.

The basis for performing the scope validation are;

  • The outputs obtained as a result of the planning processes in Scope Management.
    • Requirements documentation.
    • Scope baseline.
  • Work performance data from execution processes in other knowledge areas.
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This process formalizes client acceptance of completed project deliverables;
* Brings objectivity to acceptance process
* Increases chances of acceptance by validating each deliverable
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