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The Sequence Activities process is the process of identifying and documenting relationships among project activities.

The key benefit of the sequence activities process is to define a logical sequence of work.

  • To obtain the greatest efficiency possible.
  • Given / within all project constraints.

Every activity and milestone (except 1st & last) should be connected to at least;

  • One predecessor with a or logical relationship.
  • One successor with a or logical relationship.

Logical relationships should be designed to create a realistic project schedule.

  • May be necessary to use lead or lag time between activities.
    • To support a realistic and achievable project schedule.

Sequencing can be performed by;

  • Using project management software, such as Microsoft Project.
  • Using manual or automated techniques.
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Sequencing activities transforms the raw list of activities from the Define Activities process into a logical sequence of activities;
*  To obtain the greatest work/asset efficiency possible.
*  Within all project constraints; time, cost, quality etc.
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