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The Estimate Activity Durations process consists of estimating the number of work periods needed;

  • To complete the individual activities with estimated resources.

The key benefit of the Estimate Activity Durations process is;

  • It provides the amount of time each activity will take to complete;
    • This is a MAJOR input into the develop schedule process.

The inputs of the estimates of activity duration originate from the person or group on the project team most familiar with nature of the work or specific activity.

  • Inputs include;
    • Information on activity scope of work.
    • Required resource types.
    • Estimated resource quantities.
    • Resource Calendars.

The Estimate Activity Duration process requires;

  • Estimation of the amount of work required to complete the activity.
  • Estimation of the amount of available resources estimated to complete the activity.

These 2 estimates are used to approximate the number of work periods (activity duration;)

  • Needed to complete the activity using the appropriate project & resource calendars.

All data & assumptions that support activity duration estimating are documented;

  • For each estimate of activity duration.

Duration Estimates are progressively elaborated;

  • The process considers the quality & availability of the input data.
  • As more detailed and precise data is available the accuracy of duration of estimates improves.
  • Therefore, duration estimates can be assumed to be progressively more accurate & of better quality.
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Activity duration estimation examines the activity resources required and for every resource, documents an estimate of the amount of time each activity will take to complete.
*  One of the key inputs to Develop Schedule process.
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