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The Control Schedule process consists of monitoring the status of project activities;

  • To update project progress.
  • Manage changes to the schedule baseline.
  • To achieve the project plan.

The key benefit of the Control Schedule process is that it provides the means;

  • To recognize deviation from the plan.
  • Take corrective & preventive actions.
  • Thus minimizing risk.

Updating the schedule model requires knowing the actual performance to date;

  • Any change to the baseline may only be performed through the official integrated change control process.

Controlling schedule is a component of Perform Integrated Change Control process; focused on;

  • Determining the current status of the project schedule.
  • Influencing the factors that create schedule changes.
  • Determining if the project schedule has changed.
  • Managing the changes as they occur.

If any AGILE approach is used, control schedule is concerned with;

  • Determine schedule status by comparing;
    • Total amount of work delivered and accepted.
    • Estimates of work completed for the elapsed time cycle.
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By regularly controlling the project schedule we are able to recognize deviations from the planned schedule and take actions;
*  Preventive actions
* Corrective actions

Leads to reduction in project risk.

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