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The Plan Quality Management Process consists of identifying quality requirements and/or standards;

  • For the project & its deliverables.
  • Documenting how the project will demonstrate compliance.
    • With relevant quality requirements.

The key benefit of this process is that it provides guidance & direction;

  • How quality will be managed & validated.
  • Throughout the project.

Quality planning should be performed in parallel with other planning processes;

  • Example; a new quality standard may impact schedule & risk processes.

There are a wide variety of quality planning techniques;

  • Much room for innovation and substantial project impact.
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Quality Management          
Plan management          
Plan Quality Management          
Process Inputs          
Project Management Plan          
Stakeholder register          
Risk register          
Require. documentation          
enterprise environmental factors          
organizational process assets          
Tools and Techniques          
Cost-benefit analysis          
Cost of quality          
Seven basic quality tools          
Design of experiments          
Statistical sampling          
Add. Qual. Planning tools          
Process Outputs          
Quality Mgmt. Plan          
Process improve. plan          
Quality metrics          
Quality checklists          
Proj. doc. updates          
Process Benefits          
Planning quality mgmt. provides the project team with guidance & direction on how quality will be managed & validated throughout the project. The process is thoroughly described and subject to change control.          
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