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The Acquire Project Team process consists of confirming HR availability.

  • Obtaining the team necessary;
    • To complete project activities.

The key benefit of the acquire project team process is;

  • Outlining & guiding team selection.
  • Responsibility assignment to obtain successful team.

The PM team may or may not have direct control over team member selection because of;

  • Collective bargaining agreements.
  • Use of subcontractor personnel.
  • Matrix project environment.
  • Internal or external reporting relationships.
  • Or other various reasons.

Consider the following factors important during process of acquiring project team;

  • The PM or Project management team should effectively negotiate & influence;
    • Others who are in a position to provide the required human resources for the project.

Failure to acquire the necessary human resources for the project may affect project;

  • Schedules
  • Budgets
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality
  • Risks
  • Insufficient human resources or capabilities;
    • Decrease the probability of success &;
    • Worst case: could result in project cancellation.

If necessary human resources are NOT available due to constraints such as;

  • Economic factors.
  • Previous assignments to other projects.

The project manager or project team may be required to assign alternative resources;

  • Perhaps with lower competencies.
  • If no violation of; legal, regulatory, mandatory or other specific criteria.

These factors should be considered & planned for in the planning stages of the project.

The PM or project team are required to reflect impact.

  • Of any unavailability of required human resources, in;
    • Project schedule.
    • Project budget.
    • Project quality.
    • Training Plans.
    • Other project management plans.
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The acquire project team process guides team selection where project success is guiding principle. The process assigns responsibility for obtaining a successful team.          
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