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The Plan Risk Management process defines how to perform project risk management activities.
Plan risk management should;

  • Begin when a project is conceived.
  • Be completed early during project planning.

Careful and explicit planning enhances the probability of success;

  • For other risk management processes.
  • Important to provide sufficient resources & time for risk management activities.
  • Important to establish an agreed upon basis for evaluating risks.

The key benefit of the Plan Risk Management process is that it ensures that;

  • The degree.
  • The type.
  • The visibility.

Of risk management are commensurate with both;

  • The risks.
  • The importance of the project to the organization.

The risk management plan is vital to;

  • Communicate with.
  • Obtain agreement & support from;

All stakeholders to ensure that;

  • The risk management process is supported.
  • The risk management process is performed effectively;
    • Over the entire project life cycle.
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Planning risk mgmt. ensures that the effort and resources put into risk mgmt. are commensurate with;
*  The actual risk
*  The importance of the project to the organization 
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