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        Integration Management     Monitir and Control Project Work     Develop Project Management Plan     Direct and Manage Project Work     Manage Project Knowledge     Develop Project Charter     Close Project or Phase     Perform Integrated Change Control
          Scope Management     Control Scope     Plan Scope Management     Collect Requirements     Define Scope     Create WBS           Validate Scope    

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    Schedule Management     Control Schedule     Plan Schedule Management     Define Activities     Sequence Activities     Estimate Activity Durations     Develop Schedule          
        Cost Management     Control Costs     Plan Cost Management     Estimate Costs     Determine Budget                      
        Risk Management     Control Risks     Plan Risk Management                        
                Plan Resource Management         Acquire Resources     Develop Team logo     manage team logo          
            Control Quality     Plan Quality Management     manage quality logo                
        Communications Management     Control Communications     Plan Communications Management     Manage Communications                
        Procurement Managment     Control Procurements     Plan Procurement Management     Conduct Procurements                
        Stakeholder Managment     monitor stakeholder engagement logo     plan stakeholder engagement logo     Manage Stakeholder Engagement     Identify Stakeholders          
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ProPM - project management knowledge map for the PMBOK 6th edition; 49 project processes