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Monitor and Control Project Work     Develop Project Management Plan   Direct and Manage Project Work         Develop Project Charter   Close Project or Phase     Perform Integrated Change Control  
expert judgment 1 1 expert judgment 1 expert judgment       1 expert judgment   expert judgment   1 expert judgment  
Analytical techniques     facilitation techniques   Proj. mgmt. info. systems         facilitation techniques   Analytical techniques     Meetings  
Proj. mgmt. info. systems         Meetings             Meetings     Change control tools  
Control Scope     Plan Scope Management   Collect Requirements     Define Scope   Create WBS         Validate Scope  
Variance analysis   1 expert judgment   Interviews   1 expert judgment   Decomposition         Inspection  
      Meetings   Focus groups     Product analysis 2 expert judgment         Group dec. making tech.  
          Facilitated workshops     Alternatives generation                
          Group creativity tech.     Facilitated workshops                
          Group dec. making tech.                      
          Questionnaries & surveys                      
          Context diagrams                      
          Document analysis                      
Control Schedule     Plan Schedule Management   Define Activities     Sequence Activities   Estimate Activity Resources   Estimate Activity Durations     Develop Schedule  
Performance reviews   1 expert judgment   Decomposition     Prec. Diag. Method  PDM 1 expert judgment 1 expert judgment     Sched. Nw. Analysis  
Proj. Mgmt. Software     Analytical techniques   Rolling wave planning     Dependency determination   Alternative analysis   Analogous estimating     Critical path method  
Resource Opt. Techniques     Meetings 3 expert judgment     Leads and lags   Published estimating data   Parametric estimating     Crtical chain method  
Modeling techniques                   Bottom-up estimating   Three-point estimating     Resource Opt. Techniques  
Leads and lags                   Proj. Mgmt. Software   Group dec. making tech.     Modeling techniques  
Schedule compression                       Reserve analysis     Leads and lags  
Scheduling tool                             Schedule compression  
                              Scheduling tool  
Control Costs     Plan Cost Management   Estimate Costs     Determine Budget                
Earned value Mgmt.    1 expert judgment 1 expert judgment     Cost aggregation                
Forecasting     Analytical techniques   Analogous estimating     Reserve analysis                
To Com. Per. Ind. TCPI     Meetings   Parametric estimating   3 expert judgment                
Performance reviews         Bottom-up estimating     Historical relationships                
Proj. Mgmt. Software         Three-point estimating     Funding limit reconciliation                
Reserve analysis         Reserve analysis                      
          Cost of quality                      
          Proj. Mgmt. Software                      
          Vendor bid analysis                      
          Group dec. making tech.                      
Control Risks     Plan Risk Management   Identify Risks     Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis   Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis   Plan Risk Responses        
Risk reassessment     Analytical techniques   Documentation reviews     Risk Prob.& Imp. Asses   Data Gath. & Rep. Tech.   Strat. For Neg. Risks        
Risk audits   2 expert judgment   Info. Gathering Tech.     Prob. & Imp. Matrix   Quant Risk Ana. & Mod. T.   Strat. For Pos. Risks        
Variance & trend analysis     Meetings   Checklist analysis     Risk data quality assess 3 expert judgment   Contin. response strat.        
Technical Per. Measure         Assumption analysis     Risk categorization     4 expert judgment        
Reserve analysis         Diagramming Tech.     Risk urgency assessment                
Meetings         SWOT analysis   6 expert judgment                
        7 expert judgment                      
Control Quality     Plan Quality Management   Perform Quality Assurance                      
Seven basic quality tools     Cost-benefit analysis   Qual. Mgmt & Con. tools                      
Statistical sampling     Cost of quality   Quality audits                      
Inspection     Seven basic quality tools   Process analysis                      
Approved CRs review     Benchmarking                          
      Design of experiments                          
      Statistical sampling                          
      Add. Qual. Planning tools                          
      Plan HR Management   Acquire Project Team     Develop Project Team   Manage Project Team            
      Org charts and pos desc   Pre assignment     Interpersonal skills   Observe & Converse            
      Networking   Negotiation     Training   Proj. perform. appraisals            
      Organizational theory   Acquisition     Team-building activities   Conflict management            
    4 expert judgment   Virtual teams     Ground rules   Interpersonal skills            
      Meetings   Multi-Crit. Dec. Analysis     Colocation                
                Recognition and rewards                
                Personnel assesment tools                
Control Communications     Plan Communications Management   Manage Communications                      
Information Mgmt. Systems     Comms requirements analysis   Communication technology                      
expert judgment 2   Communication technology   Communication models                      
Meetings     Communication models   Communication methods                      
      Communication methods   Information Mgmt. Systems                      
      Meetings   Performance reporting                      
Control Procurements     Plan Procurement Management   Conduct Procurements     Close Procurements                
Con. Change Control Sys.     Make or buy analyis   Bidder conferences     Procurement Audits                
Procurement Per. Reviews   2 expert judgment   Proposal Evaluation Tech.     Procurement Negotiations                
Inspections and audits     Market research   Independant estimates     Records Mgmt. System                
Performance reporting     Meetings 4 expert judgment                      
Payment systems         Advertising                  
Claims administration         Analytical techniques                    
Records Mgmt. System         Procurement Negotiations                  
Control Stakeholder Engagement     Plan Stakeholder Management   Manage Stakeholder Engagement     Identify Stakeholders              
Info Mgmt Systems     expert judgment   Communication Methods     Stakeholder Analysis              
expert judgment 2   Meetings   Interpersonal skills   2 expert judgment              
Meetings     Analytical techniques   Mangement Skills     Meetings              
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